Need help with navigating my site or struggling to find your way through the buying process? I hope this will help you out :)


From the home page You can select from 3 Galleries to scroll through. Only photos in the WILDLIFE and LANDSCAPE galleries are for sale. You can also check out the ABOUT ME if you like or the CONTACT ME if you have any questions. As time goes on I will add keywords so the search button is more useful. As of right now it's pretty easy to just scroll through the pics. At any time you can hit the home icon or HOME in the menu to bring you back to the HOMEPAGE.


1a) First I would like to ask you NOT to use the big BUY PHOTOS button with the arrow, or "play" icon beside it. It appears at the top of the gallery and does not follow the rules that I have put in place to make shopping easier.

1b) If you hover over the picture a little shopping cart icon will appear OR if you click on the photo you like, you will see a BUY button in the bottom right corner. These are friendly :) And don't worry you are NOT committed once you hit the BUY button.

1c) From here you have 4 options. Wall art(canvases), Paper Prints, Keepsakes(lots of products, worth taking a peek) and Phone cases.

1d) If you pick Paper Prints it's just a matter of picking a size and a finish and you can add to your cart, go to cart

1e) If you choose Wall art there is a variety of types of canvas products, wood, acrylic and metal. some canvas types are cheaper than others and wood, acrylic and traditional canvas being at the high end.

1f) Once you have chosen your product and size proceed to the shopping cart. In the shopping cart you can select "printmark" below the picture to view what my signature will look like on the picture. It's in the bottom left corner in light grey and not very big.

1g) With paper prints you also be able to click on "add frames and more". It's worth taking a look see.

1h) Now you are on to checking out or using paypal and adding paying info and shipping address. Happy shopping :)